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#Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook 5.x – #XenDesktop, #XenApp

Ok, this is a pretty good handbook I must admit. Have a look at it here!

And if you need help then of course you can always contact EnvokeIT! 😉

And here is a good blog post about this as well by Thomas Berger:

One of the foundational project management principals is that project success occurs when it is delivered on time, within budget and with a level of quality that is satisfactory to the client. Of course these three dimensions are valid for any desktop virtualization project as well.

While a lot of information about budget planning and TCO/ROI for virtual desktop / application delivery projects can be found on the internet (e.g., the amount of information about time planning and success criteria is very low.

Since this lack of publicly available information causes every customer to “reinvent the wheel” and therefore add some delays to their projects, we thought it’s time to provide some guidance around these topics.

The result of our efforts has become part of the newly released Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook ( Version 1 of this white paper focuses on the Assess phase that identifies the information required prior to starting the design phase and outlines the project management tasks I mentioned earlier.

But instead of just discussing the topics from a theoretical point of view, we provide detailed guidance and tools which can be used for your projects right away. For example you will get a sample project plan (Microsoft Project), which outlines and provides duration estimates for every step of a desktop virtualization project (sample below).

Furthermore the white paper discusses a general project methodology, describes how business priorities can be identified and provides detailed information about the roles required during a enterprise grade project (sample below).

This and even more can be found within the new Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook..


It all ADDS up with #BYOD (Assess + Design + Deploy + Support = Success)

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Below you can read about a couple of webinars coming up on Citrix’s view on how to get your BYOD strategy up and running!

Cowboy consumerization is here…and it’s here to stay.  You may not want to admit it, but you already have a few “outlaws” in your organization who are using their own devices, regardless of whether you allow them to or not. In fact, you probably have entire departments accessing email, apps and data on devices and through services that are not secure. The consumerization of IT is here to stay, so you may as well embrace it.

When business information is accessed by user-owned, consumer-grade devices, the right technology foundation is essential to ensure IT control. The question is where to begin. What are the business, user and IT benefits of enabling bring-your-own device (BYOD)?

The business wants to make employees more productive yet remain compliant. Users want access to all their enterprise apps and data from their many devices and IT wants to ensure security and control in a way that’s simple to manage.

Before you begin a BYOD initiative, it’s important to understand the underlying products that will become a part of your BYOD solution and their functionality and feature sets. One size does not fit all and, even though a BYOD solution may seem complex, it’s important to realize that it all boils down to addressing four key things:

  • Multiple Devices – Employees are bringing their own devices (on average 3) into the workplace – whether you like it or not.
  • Lots of Apps – IT have lots of them and different types (Windows, Web, SaaS and Mobile) that everyone want access to from their device.
  • Unmanaged Data – Employees are..

Continue reading here!


#Citrix #NetScaler 10 Build 73.5 released

January 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Citrix has released yet another build….

These are the release notes:

Build 73.5

Release version: Citrix® NetScaler®, version 10 build 73.5

Replaces build: None

Release date: January 2013

Release notes version: 1.0

Language supported: English (US)

Note: Unless stated otherwise, an issue applies to all build types (nCore and nCore VPX) of Citrix NetScaler and Citrix Access Gateway.

Changes and Fixes

Access Gateway

Application Firewall

  • Issue ID 0348647: On a NetScaler appliance that has the application firewall configured, if the client sends a web form with data that contains a plus sign (+), that form field triggers a form field consistency violation. This applies for data that the user types into the form, and for data in hidden fields that was generated by a javascript or sent to the user from the server. To work around this issue, ensure that no field contains a plus sign, or temporarily disable blocking for the form field consistency check.
  • Issue ID 0354289: On a NetScaler appliance that has the application firewall configured, chunked requests sent by mobile devices to XML services might receive 400-level HTTP responses.


  • Issue ID 0343137: The configuration utility does not display the Add button while configuring linksets.

Configuration Utility

  • Issue ID 0324797: The NetScaler configuration utility does not display the queue depth value for the configured priority queuing policies. This issue is observed only in a cluster setup.
  • Issue ID 0334292: If you navigate to HTTP Compression >..

Continue reading release notes here!


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Watch the #Citrix Consulting Best Practice Webcast Series

January 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Citrix Consulting Best Practice Series

In these webinars, members of the Citrix Consulting team have taken an in-depth look at the steps to desktop virtualisation.

Beginning with the basics, looking at setting priorities, and passing on the knowledge needed to fully understand the processes, what is required for roll-out and of course the value of desktop virtualisation.

This series has been extremely popular and now, is available for you to view at your convenience.

Regardless of where you currently stand with your desktop virtualisation, feel free to look at a single phase or check out the whole series.


  • Introduction: Desktop Virtualisation: Your Insight into the world of Desktop Virtualisation
  • Phase 1: Establishing business priorities and mapping these to your desktop virtualisation project
  • Phase 2: Analysis – understanding your existing IT infrastructure
  • Phase 3: Design – key concepts and approaches for designing your desktop virtualisation solution
  • Phase 4: Build/Test – validating your design and making improvements
  • Phase 5: Rollout – Going Live and operational with your virtual desktops

Continue reading and watch the webcasts here!


#NetScaler #AAA on NS 10.00 Build 70.7 = watch out!

November 6, 2012 1 comment

Ok, just received a heads-up from a colleague around a bug on NetScaler for the AAA feature that you should be aware of if thinking of using build 70.7!

AAA Application Traffic

  • Issue ID 0319434: If 401 basic authentication is enabled on a load balancing virtual server, and authentication fails either due to invalid credentials or a Kerberos authentication failure, the NetScaler packet engine might crash.

The info received (I’ve not tested it myself but will) is that if you perform just one (1) 401 basic authentication and then the NetScaler engine crashes… so beware and upgrade to 71.6 instead!

Read more of the bug fixes in 71.6 here.



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