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#NetScaler #AAA on NS 10.00 Build 70.7 = watch out!

November 6, 2012 1 comment

Ok, just received a heads-up from a colleague around a bug on NetScaler for the AAA feature that you should be aware of if thinking of using build 70.7!

AAA Application Traffic

  • Issue ID 0319434: If 401 basic authentication is enabled on a load balancing virtual server, and authentication fails either due to invalid credentials or a Kerberos authentication failure, the NetScaler packet engine might crash.

The info received (I’ve not tested it myself but will) is that if you perform just one (1) 401 basic authentication and then the NetScaler engine crashes… so beware and upgrade to 71.6 instead!

Read more of the bug fixes in 71.6 here.



#Citrix #NetScaler, #AGEE and Macbook OS X… bad start of the evening session!

October 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Ok, I was just going to log in and play around and setup another AppController to verify some thoughts around a customer case in our EnvokeIT environment. And what did I do? I just opened my lovely Macbook Air (no one will ever take that one from me!!) and thought I would connect into our internal EnvokeIT lab environment and decided for some reason to connect over SSL VPN this time rather than running everything on the internally published desktop.

So I opened the browser and connected to our AGEE vip that presented me with the rather ok-looking login page as you can see here that my colleague modified to make it a bit more aligned with the StoreFront/Receiver for Web that we use in this little environment (otherwise you get that black ugly NetScaler login prompt, please get your product look & feel in synch Citrix!).

But then after I logged in I though that why not try out the SSL VPN client for my Mac! So I choose Network Access here;

And then I realised that the modifications weren’t really all ok as you can see here when I was prompted to download the Access Gateway Plugin for OS X (SSL VPN client)…

Read more…

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