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#Citrix #NetScaler 10 Build 73.5 released

Citrix has released yet another build….

These are the release notes:

Build 73.5

Release version: Citrix® NetScaler®, version 10 build 73.5

Replaces build: None

Release date: January 2013

Release notes version: 1.0

Language supported: English (US)

Note: Unless stated otherwise, an issue applies to all build types (nCore and nCore VPX) of Citrix NetScaler and Citrix Access Gateway.

Changes and Fixes

Access Gateway

Application Firewall

  • Issue ID 0348647: On a NetScaler appliance that has the application firewall configured, if the client sends a web form with data that contains a plus sign (+), that form field triggers a form field consistency violation. This applies for data that the user types into the form, and for data in hidden fields that was generated by a javascript or sent to the user from the server. To work around this issue, ensure that no field contains a plus sign, or temporarily disable blocking for the form field consistency check.
  • Issue ID 0354289: On a NetScaler appliance that has the application firewall configured, chunked requests sent by mobile devices to XML services might receive 400-level HTTP responses.


  • Issue ID 0343137: The configuration utility does not display the Add button while configuring linksets.

Configuration Utility

  • Issue ID 0324797: The NetScaler configuration utility does not display the queue depth value for the configured priority queuing policies. This issue is observed only in a cluster setup.
  • Issue ID 0334292: If you navigate to HTTP Compression >..

Continue reading release notes here!


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