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#Citrix #NetScaler, #AGEE and Macbook OS X… bad start of the evening session!

October 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Ok, I was just going to log in and play around and setup another AppController to verify some thoughts around a customer case in our EnvokeIT environment. And what did I do? I just opened my lovely Macbook Air (no one will ever take that one from me!!) and thought I would connect into our internal EnvokeIT lab environment and decided for some reason to connect over SSL VPN this time rather than running everything on the internally published desktop.

So I opened the browser and connected to our AGEE vip that presented me with the rather ok-looking login page as you can see here that my colleague modified to make it a bit more aligned with the StoreFront/Receiver for Web that we use in this little environment (otherwise you get that black ugly NetScaler login prompt, please get your product look & feel in synch Citrix!).

But then after I logged in I though that why not try out the SSL VPN client for my Mac! So I choose Network Access here;

And then I realised that the modifications weren’t really all ok as you can see here when I was prompted to download the Access Gateway Plugin for OS X (SSL VPN client)…

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