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#ShareFile app for #Windows 8 – #Citrix, #BYOD

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Citrix leads the way with the new ShareFile app for Windows 8

Users are excited about tablets and the market is growing rapidly. With Windows 8, Microsoft is providing a great tablet OS as well as their own hardware in the Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro. This article from CIO indicates that a Forrester survey showed that 32% of users want their next work tablet to run Windows.

Citrix is bringing easy file sharing to the latest version of Windows. If you are one of those users looking to get a tablet running Windows 8 or if you have a laptop/desktop running Windows 8, we now have multiple ways to leverage ShareFile on Windows 8 with the introduction of the new ShareFile app in the Windows Store. This app provides a full-screen experience on Windows 8 for accessing ShareFile and integrates directly with the new Windows 8 charm bar for OS-level integration with the Search, Share, and Settings charms. Of course, we included support for the great device security features like remote wipe and users can login with their AD credentials. The app also supports these great features:

  • Browse your account
  • Download and view documents
  • Request and send files via email
  • Transfer big files
  • Add users to folders on your ShareFile account
  • Offline access to view downloaded files
  • For Enterprise accounts, users will be able to access their data using their corporate credentials
  • IT administrators will be able to control and audit access

Check out a video of the app in action on YouTube. More details…

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#Microsoft to Ship #Surface Windows 8 Pro Tablet on Feb. 9

January 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Microsoft will ship the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet with an Intel Core i5 processor on Feb. 9, with prices starting at $899.

Microsoft will ship the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet with an Intel Core i5 processor on Feb. 9, with prices starting at US$899.
The tablet has a 10.6-inch screen and comes in models with 64GB and 128GB of storage. The tablet will include the Type Cover keyboard dock that doubles as a case.

The tablet will initially be sold in the U.S. through Microsoft retail stores, Best Buy and Staples, and also through retailers in Canada. The tablet will also be available at Microsoft’s retail site.

Microsoft already offers the Surface RT tablet, which runs on Windows RT. That OS is for the ARM processor, while Windows 8 Pro in the new Surface tablet is for x86 processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. Although both operating systems have the same look and feel, there are substantial differences in functionality and application compatibility.

While Surface RT was designed to be more of a tablet-only product, the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet is intended to double as a laptop with the ability to run a full Windows OS and support for applications running on older Microsoft operating systems.

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Why Windows RT will die – #Windows, #RT

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

I have to agree with this blog post a lot! I don’t see a future for RT, sorry Microsoft!

It should be no surprise that Microsoft’s Windows RT Surface tablet sold only a million units in the fourth quarter, about a half of what analysts expected. Windows RT is an operating system without a future. Here’s why it will die.

UBS analyst Brent Thil said that a million Surface tablets sold That’s about half of what he expected. Computerworld says that in a note to investors, he said that people were buying the iPad rather than the Surface.

Plenty of other reports have found that the Surface is selling poorly. Even Steve Ballmer admits that Surface sales have been modest.

You can attribute sluggish sales to plenty of factors, such as poor distribution. But there’s a deeper reason: Windows RT has no future. It’s an operating system so rife with problems, it’s hard to imagine it succeeding.

One big issue is confusion about exactly what it is. It looks like a Windows 8 tablet, but it isn’t. It can’t run Windows 8 apps unless they’ve been specifically modified to run on Windows RT. It won’t run the Desktop or Desktop apps.

Despite that, it sells for $500, as much as an iPad. Because of all this,Samsung has cancelled plans for selling an RT tablet in the U.S. Mike Abary, Samsung senior vice president in charge of the PC and tablet businesses in the United States, explained the decision this way to CNet:

“There wasn’t really a very clear positioning of what Windows RT meant in the marketplace, what it…

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Win RT jailbroken to run 3rd party Desktop apps – #Windows, #RT, thx @brianmadden

It was only a matter of time: Windows RT has been hacked to allow non-Microsoft applications to run in Desktop. Prior to this hack, your Windows RT tablet (such as the Surface RT) could only run Metro apps, a special, touch-oriented version of Office… and that’s it. Now, in theory, you can run any Desktop app on Windows RT [See: What is Windows RT?]

The hack, performed by Clokr, exploits a vulnerability in the Windows kernel that has existed for a long time — since before Microsoft ported Windows from x86 to ARM, in fact. Basically, the Windows kernel on your computer is configured to only execute files that meet a certain level of authentication. There are four levels: Unsigned (0), Authenticode (4), Microsoft (8), and Windows (12). On your x86 Windows system, the default setting is Unsigned — you can run anything you like. With Windows RT, the default, hard-coded setting is Microsoft (8); i.e. only apps signed by Microsoft, or parts of Windows itself, can be executed.

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#Microsoft #Surface prices released – $499

October 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Microsoft has now released the price of the Surface RT model!

Now we’ll see how it will be received by the market. Will users buy it? Are corporations ready to adopt them as BYOD devices or will they now see a tablet that they could introduce more quickly as a part of the managed client services?

Microsoft Prices Surface Starting at $499 to Rival IPad

A lot of questions and we’ll see how it goes….

Will I buy one? Don’t think so…. Will U? But I guess that this is easier for IT to adopt as an “OK” device for different reasons I’ve heard even though I don’t necessarily agree. Stop managing the devices and the old way of thinking, manage and control the apps, data/info and IPR and ensure that you’re device independent!


Surface – will it? Yes, and it’s not that far away…

But will it fly? My opinion is that the RT version is only going to take of if it’s priced low, I have a hard time seeing that all the iOS and Android developers all of a sudden just go over to Win 8 app development soon and that’s going to be the problem.

90 days later if the rumors are true the Pro version will be available, and that will definitely  be a success unless I’m totally wrong. Why? Because all people that work in todays corporations who wants an iPad at work can now almost get one. IT departments has an issue with the whole BYOD challenge and how to allow people to use their personal devices at work, and some have of course also purchased the iPad’s as a corporate asset but those are few I’d say. But now with a Windows based device enterprise IT will have to adopt because all of these are Microsoft shops. There is a demand out there! But it’s going to be interesting to see how well it’s received, how long it will take for IT to “bring them into” the managed client service offerings. And how quick and agile will the major service providers be in adding this into their offerings, they have to have a strategy for this already (I hope).

This new device also makes it easier for architects to validate their future strategy and wanted positions in terms of how to support a more mobile and remote workplace, I think that this device fits most enterprise architectures without thinking of adding major MDM or MAM (wow, I have to make a post of this as well, DON’T MANAGE THE DEVICES!) solutions that have to support iOS, Android, Blackberry etc. This device is just another part of the Microsoft puzzle that will take a big market share within the enterprise corporations.

I just love my Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone! The whole concept and user experience is awesome and I must say that I don’t think that I’ll go back to the Windows world, but let’s see what Microsoft comes out with! And I hope that Microsoft get it right this time, they have to! But will the end-user that have the option to choose an iPad or Surface choose Surface? I don’t think so, but he/she may be forced to though IT will now support this device and not the iPad, we may end up in a situation where the device independence and BYOD concept gets more “locked” again which wouldn’t be good! Stop caring about the devices from a management point of view (unless you need to do asset mgmt of course for corporate assets), manage, secure and control the apps and data on them instead of manage, secure and control the whole device!



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