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Surface – will it? Yes, and it’s not that far away…

But will it fly? My opinion is that the RT version is only going to take of if it’s priced low, I have a hard time seeing that all the iOS and Android developers all of a sudden just go over to Win 8 app development soon and that’s going to be the problem.

90 days later if the rumors are true the Pro version will be available, and that will definitely  be a success unless I’m totally wrong. Why? Because all people that work in todays corporations who wants an iPad at work can now almost get one. IT departments has an issue with the whole BYOD challenge and how to allow people to use their personal devices at work, and some have of course also purchased the iPad’s as a corporate asset but those are few I’d say. But now with a Windows based device enterprise IT will have to adopt because all of these are Microsoft shops. There is a demand out there! But it’s going to be interesting to see how well it’s received, how long it will take for IT to “bring them into” the managed client service offerings. And how quick and agile will the major service providers be in adding this into their offerings, they have to have a strategy for this already (I hope).

This new device also makes it easier for architects to validate their future strategy and wanted positions in terms of how to support a more mobile and remote workplace, I think that this device fits most enterprise architectures without thinking of adding major MDM or MAM (wow, I have to make a post of this as well, DON’T MANAGE THE DEVICES!) solutions that have to support iOS, Android, Blackberry etc. This device is just another part of the Microsoft puzzle that will take a big market share within the enterprise corporations.

I just love my Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone! The whole concept and user experience is awesome and I must say that I don’t think that I’ll go back to the Windows world, but let’s see what Microsoft comes out with! And I hope that Microsoft get it right this time, they have to! But will the end-user that have the option to choose an iPad or Surface choose Surface? I don’t think so, but he/she may be forced to though IT will now support this device and not the iPad, we may end up in a situation where the device independence and BYOD concept gets more “locked” again which wouldn’t be good! Stop caring about the devices from a management point of view (unless you need to do asset mgmt of course for corporate assets), manage, secure and control the apps and data on them instead of manage, secure and control the whole device!



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