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Online File Sharing service review

Personally I must say that Citrix has a compelling E2E solution going on that is very interesting for many reasons but mainly from an end-user experience point of view. Having both SaaS, iOS, Android, internal/external web apps, Data (ShareFile), XenApp apps and desktops and XenDesktops all delivered into a common look & feel of the Receiver, that’s a story no one else has I have the guts to say!

But of course the technical solution has some more capabilities to offer until it’s ready from an enterprise perspective, like why can’t we as a customer maintain the keys for encryption of the Amazon “blob” storage used and why isn’t the local data stored on all devices encrypted? And another interesting question is why the ShareFile role administration isn’t better? I’d like to control the device/client settings based on roles so that for instance certain user groups cannot access data while offline, but some may etc. This needs some work…

But all in all they are the best E2E provider of a mobility solution as I see it!

This was an interesting comparison! Read it for yourself and see which service that may fit you best.



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