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#AppController, #CloudGateway 2.5 released

December 28, 2012 2 comments

Hi all,

I guess that some of you already are aware of the new 2.5 release of AppController (a part of the marketing product CloudGateway).. but it’s interesting with a release which I hope is making the product more enterprise ready and that the basic features now are there!

And I guess that many are interesting in that now Android apps, @WorkMail™ and @WorkWeb™ are supported!

I’ll of course do an upgrade and go through my little issue list I created earlier in the post-Synergy post… I hope that these items now are fixed!

  1. Enterprise/multi-site support with synch of the database. This to ensure that you can have an HA pair setup for instance in Europe and one in the North Americas and have the end-user be logged in against both and have their subscriptions etc. follow them (as well as of course reporting, monitoring etc. etc.)
  2. Support for really large AD domains with LARGE # of AD users and AD groups
  3. Support for AD domain structure where the BASE DN is different to where AD users and the AD security groups you want to use for roles
  4. Role based administration – this has just got to be there. Without it I wouldn’t call it an enterprise product…

These are the updates according to eDocs (they are quite a few so I have high hopes!) 😉

But when reading through the short list of updates I DON’T see multi-site support!! That’s not very Enterprise if you ask me…. This is the first thing I’m gonna check out!

Here is an architectural overview:


AppController 2.5 supports the following new features:

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