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BYOD = reality or just a vision? – Part 2

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Ok, where did we end part 1.. yes, it was around my personal view around why it’s not that easy for enterprises to adopt a BYOD concept similar to what we at EnvokeIT have.

(If you haven’t read part 1 you can do that here.)

So why can we work this way and not the enterprises, well there are many answers to that question. One reason may be that they have IPR etc that is important to protect and a legacy IT environment that has been around since the mainframe era with a lot of in-house developed apps, it’s a legacy that we newcomers don’t have! And they also have a much more complex organization with difference roles and requirements. It’s sometimes hard to tell a developer to work on any device with no development tools installed locally and only work in a remote desktop which requires him/her to be online. These users would perhaps want to be able to perform their development work from their vacation cabin up north with limited connectivity or wherever they can’t be connected. And the whole world doesn’t have the connectivity that we in europe are used to.

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BYOD = reality or just a vision? – Part 1

September 5, 2012 1 comment

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – Part 1

Consumerization of IT, BYOD, BYOC and all the fuzz about that we shall and already have started to use our personal devices at work, or that our employer doesn’t provide us with a company asset anymore. So many definitions and models, it’s like asking someone what the definition of Cloud is. You’ll get all the different answers about what a ‘Private’, ‘Public’ and ‘Personal’ Cloud is etc. But where are we really?

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Time-slice your day… this was my mine…

September 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Ok, today was a really hectic day!


I have the pleasure as some of you already may know, I have a work that I love and a family that I love. But most of all I must say that I have a customer and work-style that is really neat! I get to balance my life both personally- and work-wise and it’s something that I value a lot!

I woke up early (as usual with young kids) and got ready for work, got up and sat down with my morning coffee and checked email and did some changes to a PPT that I thought of yesterday and before I fell asleep. It didn’t take me that much time though I just started the Macbook Air and quickly got logged into the Hosted Shared Desktop session (that by the way still was running with PowerPoint running and the PPT just where I left it), and I made some changes and saved it as a new version. Perfect and ready for a meeting I have! Then off to work (still early and I was at the office at 07:15) though I knew that I had to do some special planning to ensure that todays schedule would work.
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