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Time-slice your day… this was my mine…

Ok, today was a really hectic day!


I have the pleasure as some of you already may know, I have a work that I love and a family that I love. But most of all I must say that I have a customer and work-style that is really neat! I get to balance my life both personally- and work-wise and it’s something that I value a lot!

I woke up early (as usual with young kids) and got ready for work, got up and sat down with my morning coffee and checked email and did some changes to a PPT that I thought of yesterday and before I fell asleep. It didn’t take me that much time though I just started the Macbook Air and quickly got logged into the Hosted Shared Desktop session (that by the way still was running with PowerPoint running and the PPT just where I left it), and I made some changes and saved it as a new version. Perfect and ready for a meeting I have! Then off to work (still early and I was at the office at 07:15) though I knew that I had to do some special planning to ensure that todays schedule would work.

I did some work and then had a workshop between 08:30-12:00, it went well and I must say that decisions on how to proceed was made! 🙂 Then off for lunch and a personal errand that I had to take care of…. phuu.. balance personal life and work. And then I knew that the 13:00-14:30 meeting was something that required attention and physical presence! Good, I managed that one as well and all looked good and our plans where moving forward! And all of a sudden the phone started beeping.. what was it now?!?! Oooh, Giselle my oldest daughter has her new dance class at 16:30 which means I had to go get the kids at daycare at 16:15 the latest to make it to the dance! Ok, just realized that I could do some work up until 15:30 and finalize some of the actions I have for tomorrow! Phuu.. but still not done with them so I had to save the work I was in the middle of before I ran out to the car. I picked up the kids and took Giselle to the dance while keeping Neliah (the youngest) happy, dance was over at 17:15! Home to meet my lovely wife who had dinner all set and we sat down, after dinner the kids wanted to go out and enjoy some playtime with the neighbors… I sat down and just browsed the PPT from the iPad really quickly from the porch and made one small adjustment (15 min work), but it all went quickly due to the session was still there in the datacenter and the apps where still running!

Time is now 18:55, time to get the kids inside and give them a bath and clean the mess in the kitchen! Progress… kids are tired and are having their evening snack (milk and a sandwich) while I’m writing this post! Now the clock is 19:45 and kids are ready for bed, will close the computer and post this message when they are a sleep and then finalize that PPT later before my wife and I get a couple of hours to ourselves before checking my email the last time before going to bed! Then tomorrows workshop is all set! And ready to be presented from any device!

I love my work, my family and the situation I have to be able to time-slice my day like this! It’s not for all type of users but it’s a great way of working that realy supports the modern day of living and all the ‘musts’ we have today!

Have a great evening, day or morning out there U all! And maybe I even get time to do that final adjustments to the post that I have a draft on about BYOC/BYOD and post if from the iPhone later one…. Any device, Anywhere Any Time! Don’t remember who wrote that but yes, I’m living it and it’s great!


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