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#Zenprise is now a part of #Citrix

Zenprise is now officially a part of Citrix! For a press release and additional info read here.


I am really excited about this!! But my initial question about this acquisition is how the offerings will be bundled together. Right now you can purchase CloudGateway to get the MAM capabilities for mobile apps and data, and of course then also deliver XenApp, XenDesktop plus SaaS and internal web services. And that’s a nice offering but now with the more capable MDM parts from Zenprise, what will the license model look like and what will in the end a “Platinum” license provide?

My hope is of course that the whole license model is changed to be aligned with all acquisitions from the past years so that you could purchase a “Platinum” license that truly covers all the capabilities and products to make life easier for everyone….

My fear though is that Zenprise will be added as a separate MDM capability on top of CloudGateway as the “Diamond” edition! 😉 and it will probably exist in both CCU and named user/device models to make life even harder…

Please Citrix: surprise us with a new price and license model that spans the whole product/service stack! 🙂


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