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SCCM 2012 for Linux and UNIX

Ok, this is interesting! Microsoft is adding more support for Configuration Manager in terms of managing Linux and UNIX targets. It will be interesting to see what the end-result will be when SP1 ships and most interesting will be if Microsoft will be able to convince the Linux and UNIX community out there that this is something that is competitive with other solutions like Puppet, Chef, STAF etc.

Here is a summary of the feature set planned for the SP1 release;

Functionality More information
Collections, queries, and maintenance windows Collections of Linux and UNIX Servers
Hardware inventory Hardware Inventory for Linux and UNIX Servers
Software Distribution Software Deployment to Linux and UNIX Servers
Monitoring and reporting Monitoring the Configuration of Linux and UNIX Servers

For more information check out the public information available here!

And here you can find some additional comparison of open source configuration management tools.

We need to come back to this topic and do a real comparison between SCCM and the other tools out there once we know how the end-product and feature set will be. But it’s interesting to see that now enterprises can more and more lean on Microsoft to cover the whole architecture and not just their own products. Will see how this then integrates and works with CMDB etc etc…



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