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Enable Enterprise #Mobility and Secure Android, iOS and Windows Devices – #BYOD

This is a good blog post from Christopher Campbell that also has links to Citrix BYOD Solutions and Citrix BYOD Starter Kit

Lots of devices with many different operating systems. Lots of users bringing Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices into the workplace. Securing all these devices and the apps and data they’re accessing can make enabling Enterprise Mobility an intimidating task. Is it going to be BYOD, COPE, MDM, MAM, MIM or a combination? One size doesn’t fit all and addressing these challenges can be painful if you’re deploying a multiple vendor solution stack.

Some of the top mobile threats now include but are not limited to:

  1. Data loss from lost and stolen devices
  2. Information stealing mobile malware
  3. Vulnerabilities from device, OS and 3rd party apps
  4. Insecure Wi-Fi, network access and rogue access points
  5. Insufficient management tools and capabilities

Join Citrix Chief Security Strategist Kurt Roemer to find out how IT can maintain control and protect business information accessed from Android, iOS and Windows tablets and smartphones.

Watch Now and you will learn:

  • Security considerations and risk mitigation options when supporting BYOD
  • The architecture required to support tablets and smartphones accessing sensitive business information
  • How Citrix BYOD solutions enable secure access to enterprise desktops, apps and files from any device
  • Best practices for IT to maintain control over Android, Apple iOS and Windows tablets and smartphones used in the workplace

WATCH ON-DEMAND TODAY and learn how to make a complete end-to-end, fully integrated Enterprise Mobility solution work for the business, user and IT…

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#Citrix Partner Central, the new partner portal is live!

February 28, 2013 1 comment





Citrix Partner CentralAttention Partners: It’s official. My Citrix is retired and Partner Central, your new portal is live.

You may be wondering why Citrix made this change, what’s the motivation and why now. At Citrix, we believe in innovating, improving and adapting. We have been monitoring partner feedback from various sources and have identified opportunities to provide a better web experience. The market landscape has changed, the needs of our partners have expanded, and the way we communicate has evolved. It’s time for our private portal experiences to reflect these changing needs.

Partner Central, a start of something great

We understand that you have specific needs from a web site. We listened to your feedback about what you want to experience and how you want content to be prioritized. You’ll find real-time announcements from Citrix and the industry, links to resources you use most often, links to what’s new and tools that have been integrated within each main section: training and certification, sales, marketing, licensing and renewals and support.

Partner Central is easy to use, intuitive and you still have access to the same tools and content you had before with My Citrix. More good news is that your same username and password will still work with the new site. You will be able to conduct activities such as:

  • Reviewing product pricing, new sales promotions and trainings
  • Managing customer renewals, products, Advisor Rewards and leads
  • Accessing partner notification documents, Key Play campaign materials and product sales kits

You can access Partner Central at to start exploring.  We’re confident that your experience will be improved…

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