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Free whitepaper: Enterprise #Architecture and ITIL: Implementing Service Strategy

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In the previous paper “Enterprise Architecture and ITIL: Where is the Value in ITIL?” Trevor Lea-Cox looked at why and under what circumstances Service Management, the focus of ITIL® is important.

Essentially Service Management is important because the concept and use of services is a powerful mechanism for structuring and managing the growth of an organization, including the IT function.  As the IT function grows, IT Services reach a level of complexity where they can no longer be managed on an informal basis.  ITIL provides the best practice guidelines for managing IT Services on a (progressively) more formal basis.

In this paper Trevor will:

  • Review (briefly) the recommendations of ITIL for developing and managing a Service Strategy for IT Services.
  • Try to clarify what is meant by an “IT Service”.
  • Then apply these principles to managing a small EA department within an IT function.

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Is Innovation dead with outsourcing?

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

So what do you think? Do you think that outsourcing your IT service(s) to a service provider will improve your chances in getting a service that evolves over time of the contract and enables you to focus on business needs and adopt the service(s) accordingly along the way?

What was your main driver behind your sourcing strategy?

  • Cost savings
  • Cost restructuring
  • Access to knowledge and operational expertise
  • Scalability possibilities
  • Quality improvements

Or there may be other reasons…

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