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Heads up – Potential #StoreFront and .NET Security update KB2729452 issue – #Citrix, #StoreFront, #CloudGateway

November 17, 2012 2 comments

Heads up out there! I’ve not verified this myself but it’s worth ensuring that you plan for an uninstallation in the event it’s true!

After applying Windows .Net Security Updates KB2729452, KB2737019, KB2729449 on two (2) existing Storefront 1.2 servers all of the storefronts and PNAgent services on the server ceased to work properly. Using the web interface users would be presented with the logon prompt but users could not authenticate and no error was given. The logon prompt would simply keep re-appearing. Using the Citrix Receiver no applications would launch through the storefront.
Uninstalling KB2729452 resolves the issue.
Follow the forum thread here!
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