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NutaniXpress – January 2014 – #Nutanix, #IaaS, #Virtualization, #Storage

Great NutaniXpress release!!!! There is a good prediction and I must say that I’m really impressed with this company and their product!!!

Read the whole NutaniXpress January 2014 article here!

Deliver High Performance & Scalable Microsoft Exchange with NutanixWith more than 50% of Microsoft Exchange installations now virtualized, it is critical to select the right server and storage architecture to support such critical workloads. Read this solution brief to learn how the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform overcomes the challenges of legacy storage architectures and makes for an ideal solution for your Microsoft Exchange virtualization needs. Microsoft Exchange

Learn More: Microsoft Exchange Solution Brief


Microsoft SQL Server on Nutanix:
Best PracticesThis document makes recommendations for the design, optimization and scaling of Microsoft SQL Server deployments on Nutanix. It shows the scalability of the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform and provides detailed performance and configuration information on the scale-out capabilities of the cluster when leveraged for MSSQL deployments.
Microsoft SQL Server

Learn More: Microsoft SQL Server on Nutanix: Best Practices


Get to Know NutanixThe scheduled weekly demo is designed to provide you with a brief product overview and illustrate some common use cases based on real world customer deployments. This is a free, no obligation engagement.

Learn More: Register Today!

With Nutanix, California Office of Emergency Services Supports Remote Office Operations Seamlessly California Office of Emergency Services
“With the Nutanix solution in place, we can now centrally manage the infrastructure which allows us to push the services faster to our end users. Our people sitting in the branch offices, away from our primary offices, are now saying that their branch office is actually treating them just as if they were in our main office.”Lovell Hopper, Manager, Infrastructure Services, Califorina OES

Read the complete story and learn how California Office of Emergency Services has been able to achieve numerous benefits with Nutanix including 75% reduced datacenter rack space, huge savings in CAPEX and power usage and over 50% performance improvement.

Learn More: California Office of Emergency Services Case Study

Rush University Medical Center Runs Citrix XenDesktop Based VDI Deployment on NutanixCheck out this video to learn how Rush University Medical Center finds Nutanix a very simple and cost-effective solution to run VDI using Citrix XenDesktop as the application base. According to Victor Irlandez, Senior Technical Architect at Rush, Nutanix is extremely simple to deploy and simple to manage. Hear more directly from him! Rush University Medical Center 

Learn More: Rush University Medical Center (Video)

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