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#App-V and #XenDesktop 7 – #Citrix, #AppV

A couple of good posts from Citrix (Ram Kumar Mantena & Nagendra Kumar) around the support for App-V on XenDesktop 7 and what to think of etc.

Tips/Tricks for Using App-V Integration with XenDesktop 7.0

XenDesktop 7.0 is released and it supports both Apps and Desktop Virtualization. One of the key features of this release is support for Microsoft App-V.  As this is the first release for App-V support, here are some tips/things to consider for an easy deployment of App-V 5.0 in a XenDesktop Environment.

  • XenDesktop 7.0 supports Server based App-V deployment scenario where Admin uses App-V Publishing Server and Management Server to manage apps.
  • Microsoft App-V client does not support more than 5 Publishing Servers. In Citrix Desktop Studio, although the admin can add one Management and one Publishing server through Studio UI, he can also add multiple Publishing Servers using low level SDKs. It is recommended to add only 5 Publishing Servers. Though Studio low level SDKs take more than five Publishing Servers, studio enumerates App-V apps from first 5 Publishing Servers.
  • When adding the Management Server and Publishing Server in App-V publishing node, if the test connection fails and App-V Server is up and running, make sure WinRm is up and running.
  • Once the Virtual Desktop Agent is installed on Server/Client, make sure CtxAppVCOMAdmin is member of Administrator group. This is required as some of the App-V operations on VDA side need administrator privileges. This is the user account pre-created by Citrix XenDesktop VDA installation. [CTX138057]
  • It is recommended to enable SharedContentStoreMode….

App-V Apps in XenDesktop 7, made easy!

Citrix is proud to announce, XenDesktop 7 is the first release supporting publishing of App-V apps/sequences from Citrix Studio. We believe this integration will help customers continue to use App-V apps in a XenDesktop environment in a more simplified way. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Let Studio know the MS App-V Publishing Server & MS App-V Management Server locations.
  2. Publish the App-V apps enumerated in the Studio.
  3. Use the apps in end points through Citrix Receiver / WI.

Note: Only App-V5 & plus is supported through this integration.

Stay tuned for more technical information on this feature and we hope you love it.

Let us know what you would like to see next, in the comments…

Happy Virtualization! :)


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