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#Citrix #NetScaler Insight 1.0 GA unleashed!!

Ok, here it is! 🙂

Here is the Citrix blog about it;

NetScaler Insight 1.0 Beta has been received with great excitement and with a huge response from a range of customers and field.

Some were waiting for a product like NetScaler Insight since years, some wanted to see what AppFlow can do, some were taken away by the ease of configuration, whereas some ended up writing about ithttp://blog.itvce.com/?p=3101 & http://blog.itvce.com/?p=3167.

With the support and detailed feedback received from 1.0 Beta participants incorporated, we bring you theNetScaler Insight 1.0 GA!!

NetScaler Insight 1.0 brings following key features to the table:

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Real time and Historical stats
  • Layer 3 to Layer 7 stats
  • Complete Application Stats
  • Response time measurement
  • Client/Server Statistics
  • URL level stats with Waterfall
  • HTTP request/response analytics
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Few click setup and configuration
  • NITRO API support for Automation
  • Add NetScaler under Inventory with SNIP
  • Access NetScaler Insight using hostname/IP address

People have been enthralled with what it can do. Don’t miss a chance to experience it yourself!

Download Link:

NetScaler Insight 1.0 GA


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