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NetApp Virtual Storage Console for XenServer – #XenServer #CitrixSynergy #NetApp #VCS

This is looking really nice! Have a look at the capabilities of the NetApp VSC plugin for XenServer demo video;

Citrix Synergy 2012 demo: NetApp VSC 1.0 for Citrix XenServer – SR management

Virtual Storage Console reduce cost and complexity with integrated, end-to-end storage management for Citrix infrastructures. Improve administrative efficiency for both your Citrix and storage administrators.

So if you’re a NetApp shop why not try it out?

It’s really nice that you can do most of the config from the XenCenter console! I’m right now doing the Cisco UCS and XenDesktop lab here at Synergy and playing around with it and it’s neat! Once the plugin is installed you can interact directly with it from the XenCenter console.

Here you can configure the preferences in a simple way (even though the User Preference console/plugin isn’t the coolest looking tool)!

And the creation of the XenServer Storage Repository is nicely integrated into the XenCenter console as well.

And then choose the storage controller;

After that name your repository you wanna create and set the details!

Verify your config and click Finish and you’re all set! šŸ™‚

And you have your NFS SR setup!

I must say that this is a nice way to interact and configure your NetApp storage from the XenServer environment!

And of course there are direct functions to configure the storage repository also directly from within the XenCenter console, here I’ve just selected the XenServer SR and you can see what you can do directly from the NetApp plugin;

And the resize wizard is so simple and straight forward;

And it just takes a couple of seconds and the SR is resized as you can see below.

And when you have a VM you can use the NetApp plugin to clone the VM as well;

And then the plugin will clone it based on your input;

Configure the spec of the clone VM’s;

Then choose which SR to place the disks on;

And the cloning is kicked off…

And the clones are ready!

All in all I must say that this is nice if you’re using NetApp so have a look at it!


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