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#CitrixSummit Day 2…

Ok, first day is over and right now I’m sitting in a VDI-in-a-Box session that is the first session day 2.

So the question is whether day 1 was; Bad, Ok or Great? This is a bit hard to summarize though there are many aspects to take into consideration of course. But to summarize day 1 from a technical aspect I must say that it was OK. I would have liked to see some more details and end-to-end alignment of all the products in the stack but the week isn’t over yet. 😉

One product that I’ve not worked with before most likely due to my customer type is VDI-in-a-Box. I must say that the product seems to be maturing and is getting ready and I can definitely see a use case for it within the SMB market and also for remote offices where local desktops are needed in the larger corporations where XenDesktop is not justifiable.

Speed, agility and scalability capabilities are there… Now I’d just like to see how it can be tied into the rest of the stack of products and get my hands dirty and try it out in detail.

But the rest of the day has some interesting sessions and meetings where I’ll follow up on the list of enhancement requests that I gathered in a previous post.

And of course it’s great to see all the partners that are here and the whole socializing and networking aspects which is great. If I was Mark I would really be thankful for the commitment that these partners are doing!

Have a great day all!



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