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Receiver for Win8 – Requires Storefront and Access Gateway Enterprise

And all of a sudden we have a new week with new opportunities! 🙂

One interesting news is that the Preview of the Receiver for Windows 8 (WinRT) is out! I’ll try it out ASAP but one thing that many has noticed is the requirement that it has in terms of Storefront, and if you want to secure your connection then Access Gateway (Enterprise Edition) is needed! I wonder how this will be received amongst all of you out there if that requirement will be there when it’s released…

I guess that Citrix has some work to do in terms of adding all Web Interface features into StoreFront ASAP otherwise I think that many will be quite upset.  

This release of Receiver for Windows 8 (WinRT) provides:

  • Application and desktop virtualization
  • Deployment through the Microsoft App Store
  • Self-service account management and favorites
  • Supported on Intel-based (32- and 64-bit) and ARM architectures
  • Native Metro design
  • Native gesture support
  • Support for Storefront Services including follow me applications
  • Support for Access Gateway Enterprise Edition
  • In-session clipboard support
  • In-session network printing

Citrix release blog of the preview version:

“You’ll need the Windows 8 RTM (release to manufacturing) version on your device.  You’ll also need CloudGateway Express ( Storefront Services ) for desktop and applications access and a properly-configured Access Gateway (Enterprise Edition) for remote access.”

For more info see the edocs documentation here!

Have a great week!


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