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Another great blog : Virtualizing XenApp Hosted Shared Desktops on Hyper-V

Thanks a lot for this blog post!

“My latest adventure into density testing for Citrix solutions centers on XenApp (XA) Hosted Shared desktops. For those unfamiliar with the XA Hosted Shared model, it combines application and session virtualization, relying on a single OS instance on a Citrix XA server to publish familiar Windows desktops and applications. The Hosted Shared model centralizes application delivery and management (securing data and applications in the data center), and it scales well to support large user densities. It is designed to provide a locked-down, streamlined, and standardized environment with a core set of applications, making it ideally suited for task workers where personalization is less of a focus. While the XA server can be hosted directly on a bare-metal server on Windows Server 2008 R2, my recent testing explores the densities you can achieve when XA runs in a virtualized environment.”

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