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OpenStack vs. CloudStack – IaaS – PaaS – XaaS

Ok, so what are your thoughts, findings and view on which will become or already is the best solution out there for IaaS/PaaS services?

I must admit that this is not my area of expertise but it’s an area of interest and I like reading about it to get more up to date on where they are from a service readiness perspective. Are they ready for enterprise usage, or are enterprises stuck in their mindset of adopting the open source initiatives and technologies that exists around them. If yes; then why? Is it due to that it doesn’t fit the existing way of how they buy or deliver existing IT services, or is the technology not ready from an ITSM point of view with SD, SLA, SLO and delivery models that we have with the “old” traditional technologies like vSphere, XenServer and Hyper-V if you put a large enterprise organization and governance on top of it?

But most of all I like the whole open community/open source point of view and how organizations, people and corporations are working together for the greater good. The question is just what type of cooperation is the most productive, is it when you have many large contributors behind, or when there is one large that rely more on the open community with individual developers? Interesting questions and the future will show us how the cloud initiatives are adopted and how they evolve into the enterprises we know today… I mean Amazon etc are doing it, but not to the complexity you find on the large enterprises where the whole stack is more complex than just providing an IaaS or PaaS. Expectations, assumptions and way of working are just no the same, but one thing is for sure; enterprises need to find new business and delivery models for either building or purchasing their IT needs.

I read these two articles that were posted by Douglas Brown and Micheal Keen and I must say that they are interesting reflections on the topic.

An OpenStack guy takes CloudStack for a test drive

The Stack Wars – OpenStack vs. CloudStack

Vendors continue to pick sides between CloudStack, OpenStack

But of course; download, try and play around for yourself to create your own opinion which I will do as well very soon!



And how does the Citrix CloudPlatform fit into the picture on top of CloudStack? Is it ready, how are they compared to others out there like BMC etc. One thing that just comes into my mind is how you get the overall IT service management components around the platform itself,  Monitoring, Reporting, CMDB, Incident, Problem, Change, Config, etc etc.. how do you put it all together so you really are providing your service and are ITIL/ITSM compliant? My view is that you still need more products in place to handle this IaaS or PaaS service that you build using the various offerings out there, or am I missing something?

Go ‘X’aaS! 😉


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